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IP PBX System

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  • Cloud-based IP Phone systems
  • One-Stop Mature Telecom Solutions
  • Customize System for Multiple Scenes
  • Small/Medium Business Office Telephone/Mobile Solution

Business Applications IP PBX System Customize the Solutions

Based on your communications or IT infrastructure, we can build valuable solutions to make you improve performance, efficiency.

Hope-iker IP PBX phone systems are serving businesses, governments and non-profit organizations in over 100 countries around the world, from small offices to international corporations.

Small/Medium Business PBX System Solutions

Supply reliable universal integrated communication System for varieties of enterprises

Uplink interconnection with the operator’s telephone network by means of IP/E1 trunking.
Downlink analog phones, IADs, IP phones, video phones, softphones and other terminal equipment.
Support access to value-added service systems such as billing, recording, call desk, network management, etc.

office network management system,Free business connections without wiring.
Hotel PBX System Solutions

Build beneficial voice/multimedia communication system for hotels.

Hope-iker provides Hotels with integrated access to IP voice and broadband.

By establishing an internal voice and data communication network, achieve the integration of queuing call, consultation, room reservation and hotline service, high-efficiency voice transmission, IP voice communication, IPTV, WiFi, and other services.

Our mature and effective technologies take into account of future development.

Government/Financial IP PBX System Solutions

Provide central-controlled communication system for Goverment Offices/ Banks.
Safely store confidential DATA.

Provide DDNS services for external devices to access the corporate office.
Allowing interoperability with corporate branches via PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN.
Flexible call strategy: SIM/PSTN connection with UC100 replacement.
Off-site call to local call to reduce communication expense.

Headquarters & Branches IP PBX Solutions

Offer cloud system to make your group connecting 24X7 online.

Headquarter easily connect branch offices, home-based employees.

Enable group to decentralise functions and applications of a central PBX.

Unify head office and subsidiaries through cloud system.


With our advanced VOIP PBX system, you can make and receive calls and stay in touch with your customers, partners, and employees around the world with clear, no-drop calls, and more.

What Can You Do With IP PBX

IP PBX ,VoIP phone works with older PSTN systems, supports single location and multi-branch phone systems, virtual phone systems for in-house and data centers, and multi-user PBXs. mobile business systems, with Hope-iker CLoud you can work from anywhere, even if you are at home or on your way to the office!

Cloud Network

Branches share cloud switchboard services with headquarters

Instant Messaging

Shared files, video/audio conferencing and other similar services


Remote, multi-branch point connections


Unified Communications for phone systems easy to set up and manage.


Integrated mobile energy can be carried around

Ethernet Access

Interoperability and compatibility using the (TCP/IP) protocol for computer networks

Our Services

We at Hope-iker, a global provider of Unified Communications solutions, offer everything from VoIP hardware and VoIP services to support and phone configuration. Providing unparalleled service and expertise to customers worldwide..

Technical Support

7X24 efficient pre-sales and after-sales service, refreshingly responsive technical support.

Qality Control

Support CE , FCC Intertional Certification system and 3rd Party Audit


Advanced training to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize, and administer

Feature Heading

Provide you with commonly used IP PBX customized solutions, unified voice and data network

Our Services Always Go The Extra Mile


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Choose IP PBX system - The expert in the industry

Choose an IP PBX system-the choice is yours! You have a variety of options to choose from. More importantly, we provide a variety of ways to customize the phone system to make it suitable for both small businesses and large companies without sacrificing the quality service of any customers in the middle.

Feature One

We have 15 years of rich experience as a professional VoIP product manufacturer. Our products have obtained CE, FCC, LVT quality certification

Feature Two

We have a number of senior US-based communications experts and a team of top communications technology professionals in China

Feature Three

Our factory has professional automated production lines for IP PBX and IP phones. There is no middle price, and you can get huge profits.

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